Thank you for your support. Your generosity makes a significant difference in the services and programs the Library is able to provide to residents of all ages. Without a variety of contributions from the members of our community our Library could not provide the services that are the signature of a dynamic and thoughtful place. Recognition below reflects gifts given between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.



The Chester W. Kitchings Family Foundation

Joyce and Francis Pandolfi

Wimpfheimer Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

Michael and Dudley Del Balso

Gildersleeve/White Fund

Marc and Barbara Ginsberg

Priscilla and Charles Hodges Memorial Fund

$2,500 – $4,999

Frances Ashley

Ben and Marggie Blake

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dixon

Richard and Denise Easton

Brian and Allegra Griffiths

Edith and Herbert Lehman Foundation

Edward and Carol Sauers

Blunt and Nancy White

$1,000 – $2,499

Kevin Bowdler and Anne Fix

Stillman Brown and Meg Raftis

Dan Buchman

Noelle Chabasseur

Donald and Jane Charbonnier

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

Charles T. Clark

Richard and Lois Cole

Tony and Harriet Crane

Penelope Duckham

William Fowler and Mary Wolf

Susan and John Fullerton

Osvaldo and Irene Gonin

David and Lucia Greenhouse

William Robert Griffith

Jeff Sprouse and Rebecca Lehmann-Sprouse

Archie and Diana Leslie

Amanda Lindberg

Bruce and Catherine Littman

Ann Lobdell

Harry and Susan Martin

Scott and Caroline Muller

Gillian Patrick

Pfizer Foundation Matching Grants

David and Cheryl Purvis

Tom and Candy Sanford

Barbara H. and James E. Scott

Gregory Smith and Deborah Dodds

Willard L. Spiegelman

Paul and Nina Stimson

John W. Stone

Tom’s News Stand

Raymond Uzanas

Beth Walker

James and Karen Wittliff

Eugene and Georgia York

$500 – $999

John and Binti Ackley

Ann and Michael Adair

Jim and Pam Alexander

Alan and Patience Banister

Randy Bean and Beth Black

Betsy Bowman

Jeffrey and Lynn Callahan

Peter and Deborah Castle

Tom and Dorrit Castle

Susan K. Clapp and Charles Hatton

Susan and Andrew DiLoreto

Carole Enfield

Howard and Sandy Fromson

Barbara Gildersleeve

Matt Ginsberg

Charles and Elizabeth Harding III

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Marcia Holly

Peyton Horne

Mary Hughes

IBM Matching Grants Program

Paul Janssens and Jane Keener

Martin Jefson and Tiffany Cook

Jim and Mary Kelley

Stephen and Mary King

Carol Scheman and David Korn

John and Elizabeth Leamon

Spike Lobdell

Jan and Roberta MacGregor

Daniel Mallett and Marie Claire Ged

John Malmros and Rosemary Contin

Lynanne Ballelli Morganstern

James and Terri Muren

Richard Newton

Amy and Tyger Nicholas

Cormac O’Malley

Wright and Anna Maria Palmer

Maggie Perkinson

James J. Quinn and Joan F. Richards

Peter I. Reinhardt and Dmitry Nesterov

Doris Rich

Betty Richards Tripp

James Royle and Ann Gray

Tom and Sarael Sargent

Arnold and Kate Schmeidler

Patricia Stamm

George and Brenda Sylvestre

John and Christine Turrentine

Janet and Alan Vaskas

Josh and Alejandra Welch

Liz and Harry White

Thomas and Sage Williams


$250 – $499

Patricia and Thomas Adams

Amdur Family Fund

Jean M. Anderson

Anne Bartholet

Ted and Diana Beck

Sylvia Brown

Josephine R. Bump

Joanne Caldara

Mary C. Cassidy

Jonathan and Denise Collins

Ian and Libby Cooke

The Corkhill Family

John Delmhorst and Michele Jones

Peg and John Donovan

Judith G. duPont

Meredith B. Fischer

Gary H. Fisher and Janice M. Marconi

A. Hardin Gray

Bill Hargreaves

Stephen and Lynn Hazard

Barbara Petty Heuer

James Higgins and Jill Tate-Higgins

Timothy L. Hogen

Rob Holland

Elizabeth Hopkins

Deborah Kotchen

John and Mary LaMattina

Laurie Cameron and Rick Larkin

Timothy and Katherine Love

David Luce and BJ Gaynor

Rita Madison

Mr. and Mrs. Wade L. McDevitt

Michael Mirsky and Joanne Bergren

Alexandra Moore and Carter Holliday

Aileen Mulligan

Barbara O. Murphy

Donald and Martha Murphy

Sandy Murray

Robert C. Palm

Bev and Geoff Phillips

Robert Pittaway

Mark Renfrow and Jim Eckerle

Melissa J. Robbins

Linda Natusch Rutan

Bill and Sheila Sanders

Robert and Susan Scala

Jane I. Schaefer

Stuart J.D. Schwartzstein

James Longenbach and Joanna Scott

Clare E. Sheridan

KSM Hoskins Smith

Larry and Kathleen Snoddon

Shau-Wen Lucia Sokol

Mary and Jeff Suter

Mia Unson

Peggy and Peter Vermilya

Kassy White

Joseph and Kirby Williams

Theresa C. Wilson

Anne Wynne

$100 – $249

Joseph Alchermes

Neal Anderson and Courtney McQuade

Denzel and Shirley Andrews

Ann Baldelli and Don Raffo

Carole Barnard

Chauncey Bartholet and Natalie Hinshaw

Judy Beisler

Bertrand Bell

Gary and Frances Bennett

Richard and Elaine Berman

Tom and Deb Bigelow

Douglass Bjorn

David Black and Anne Rivers

Mari Ann and Barnaby Blatch

Neal and Jane Lassen Bobruff

René and Kathleen Boelig

John Boone and Jenny Dixon

Gopa and Arindam Bose

Thomas and Sandy Bragdon

Gigi Bradford and Jim Stanford

Marcie and Howard Brensilver

Elizabeth Tobin Brown

James and Desa Buffum

David and Kathryn Burchenal

James and Jacqueline Burgess

Clay Burkhalter and Gleanna Doyle

Kathy Calkins

Lori Calobrisi

Kevin and Linda Cassidy

James and Deborah Ceil

Maurice and Kathleen Clark

Frank and Virginia Colassano

Anne C. Connerton

Rich and Dee Constantine

Kurt Cramer and Lynne Lawrence

Timothy R. Cummings

Kay and Dick Daniele

Charles and Cheryl Danis

Miranda de Kay

Tertius and Belinda de Kay

Deans Mill PTO

Edward and Deborah Dear

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Delmhorst

Dennis and Deborah O’Brien

Adi Ignatius and Dinda Elliott

Jean Dixon and Robert O’Donoghue

Dene and Eileen Dobensky

Linda Dohrmann

Irene Donald

Ken Donovan

David and Lori Dyer

David and Wendy Eck

Elizabeth’s Hair Studio

Judith Ellis

Barbara Holland Emberton

Lawrence and Marcia Eppler

David and Marcia Erskine

Kathleen Eyles

Families of Gerard, Gregory, Matthew

and Joseph DiGiovanni

John Farmelo and Laura Hopkins Farmelo

Jerald and Joyce Fingerut

Donald J. Fiore

William and Patricia Follett

Chris and Beth Freeman

Margaret Frisch Revill

Sherry and Alfie Fritzsche

Victoria Gadbaw

Richard and Koko Gildersleeve

Michael Golay and Julie Quinn

Frank and Anita Gonsalves

Erica Lindberg Gourd

Mrs. Harry A. Greene

John and Alice Groton

Steven E. Grover and Cathy Klein

Mark and Betty Guadliana

Lucille M. Hall

Micayla Hall and Alex Bolanos

Judith and Richard Hanratty

Eric and Anne Hansen

Brian and Lori Harrington

John and Vera Harsh

Bill and Janice Haupt

Sarah Hill Canning

Chris and Nancy Houlihan

Seth Hoyt

Robert Hummerstone

Anthony and Julita Inzero

J. Russell Jinishian Gallery Inc.

Helen A. Jankoski

Nancy Jankovich

Phil and Elizabeth Johnstone

Pierce Kepple

Morgan and Milo King

and Rebekah Kepple

Tara King Clark

Joseph and Katherine Kirby

Charles R. Lathrop

David and Pam Leeming

Cynthia Lichtenstein

Susan Lindberg

Barbara Lipphardt

Geoffrey Little and Meg Lyons

John A. Lowe III

Sarah Stifler Lucas

David and Patricia Ludwig

George and Linda Luzzi

Merrily W. Lyon

Lisa and Craig MacDonnell

Bruce and Kate MacKinnon

Carol A. Martin

Sally McBee

Edward and Judith McGrady

Mr. and Mrs. George Metzger

Michael McKinley and Kathy Calnen

Bob and Virginia Montgomery

Jim, Marisol and Patty Moody

Ann G. Moore

David W. Moore

Ryan and Ashley Morgan-Schoen

Claire Regan Morse

Morag Morse

Keith and Michelle Murphy

Joanne B. Murray

Mystic River Building Company

Rita T. Nason

Frederick Nicholas Jr.

Jon and Christine Nickerson

Tyann S. Nordness

Deborah Norman

Paul and Patricia Nunes

James and Thomasine O’Boyle

Jennifer O’Brien

John and Joan O’Brien

Louise O’Callahan

James O’Connell

Tim and Joan O’Neill

Lucius Palmer and Sloane Lederer

Leonard and Ingrid Parker

Anthony and Jane Pellegrini

Peter Perenyi and Sharon Lynch

Denise and Chris Pierson

Jonathan Post and Susan Gallick

Quality Printers

Joan Reiser

The Rhode Island Foundation

Rhodes Collar, LLC

R. Douglass Rice and Cynthia Elliott

Van and Mary Riley

Jim and Ann Robins

Alan and Ginny Roessler

Sarah Rogovin and Mark E. Twiss

Tom Rolfe

Christopher and Rosemarie Rose

Joseph and Noreen Selinger

Sloan and Heather Sheridan-Thomas

Michael Smyle and Rosanne T. Simborski

Martha Snyder

Christopher Sowden and Kate B. Mills

Jay Spalding and Irene Gonin

Anthony and Ann Sorrentino

C. William and Donna Stamm

Bob and Harriet Statchen

Carla and Rowland Stebbins III

Alexandra Stoddard

Nicholas Streeter

Jim and Beth Sullivan

Edward Janusz

Chris and Bill Taylor

Jim and Lori Taylor

Mary Thacher

Christopher and Elizabeth Thorp

Barbara Timken

Keith and Ann Tomlinson

Mrs. Richard Trimble

Zach and Lynn Tsagarakis

William and Barbara Tufts

Turn to the Wonderful

Betty Tylaska

Karla and John Umland

Bruce and Marion Viau

Stuart A. Vyse

Brian and Catherine Wade

Kristopher Waters

John and Penny Webster

Margot Welch

Rose Marie P. Weston

Martha T. Whitaker

Meg Wilhelms

Jill and Tom Willard

Pamela Profit Wohltman

Frederick and Patricia Ziegler

Dale and Dieter Zumsande

$0 – $99

Fay C. Abernethy

Peg Abramson

Audrey Adam

John A. Adams

The Alexander Family

Paula A. Atwood

Bank of America

Karen Barthelson

Leslie Bartholomew

Daniel and Cynthia Benfield

Kenneth and Bonnie Bickford

Robert Biega

Deborah Blanchard and Jack Lynch

Colleen Crane Bornstein

Kathryn and Daniel Brandl

Brian and Jaimee Cozzolino

Roger Brown and Daniel Leonard

Alan and MJ Brush

Ann Buffum

Gary and Susan Buonanno

Elizabeth Burnham and William Taylor

Mollie M. Burton

Christopher and Stephanie Calhoun

Robert and Carole Callahan

Gayle Chiappone

William and Carole Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cogan

Suzanne Cole

Anne Collette

James Joseph Costello

Bill Craig and Carol Barnes Craig

Tim and Bonnie Cusack

Curtis and Elizabeth Danforth

Christopher Daniels and Laurel Butler

Darren and Amy Anderson

Gary and Sandra Davis

Lisa and Jay DeFanti

Gail Denisky

Judy and Bernard Giserman

Anna DiGarbo

Dean DiMaggio and Eva Hantman

Ralph DiMattia

Raymond and Vivian DiPaola

Diane Donovan

John and Monika Dreslin

Nancy Dunne

David and Donna Elks

Mary A. Ferguson

Peter Filkins

Katie Fleet

Maryann Flores

Susan Fornara

Mary Fort Boyle

Jo and George Fox

Raymond and Sally Freud

Muireann O’Callaghan

and Tom Frohnapfel

Sandra Gensemer

Janet Gezari

Joseph Gilbert and Nancy Follini

Gilbert-King Family

Donna Gomes

Donna and James Good

Janis Goodman

Kathryn Bowling Graham

Carol Granato

Rosemary Greeley

Katrinka C. Greger

Sandy and Terry Grimes

Priscilla Griscom

John Gullotti

Robert Halperin

Hilary Heminway

Alice Houston and Arthur Higbee

Barbara and Harry Higgins

Immy Humes

Vera Elizabeth Iiams

Laura Alexis Jackson

MaryLys Jackson

Susan J. Jerome

Laura Kacewicz

John H. Kendall

Yoonjung Kim

L. Knopf

Andrew and Maria Kowal

Kasimer and Mary Kowalski

Norman S. Krasner

Gregory and Sherrill Krynick

Maria Ksiezopolska

Stephen and Michelle Kutz

Judith Larzelere

David and Caren Lazar

Eric Levine

Hazel Levine

Richard and Diane Lewin

Vincent and Ann Loiacono

David and Suzanne Lojzim

Pamela Longenbach

Sheila Lyons

Nancy Lee MacMillan

Michael and Margaret Magana

Theodore Malek and Patricia Fritzsche

Paul Manoli

Valentina Marchenkoff

Dorothy Marie

Carol Marzetta

Mary Kate and Joseph Mason

John and Marija McCarthy

Lois McDonald

Moira McGuinness

Mel’s Downtown Creamery

Patricia Menno-Coveney and Stephen Menno

David Menzies and Anna Loomis

Erin M. Mercer

Dorothy Monteiro

JohnPaul Morales and Donna Morales

William J. Morrison

Dexter and Pearl Murphy

Pauline Murphy

Sharon and Timothy Murphy

Network for Good

Jennifer Norcross

Tom and Fran O’Connell

Ralph W. Paige

Henry R. Palmer III

Deborah Papp

Briggs and Shelly Payer

Breck Perkins and Polly Spring

Meredith Petrie

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Quigley, Jr.

Eileen Rawnsley

Molly Debevoise

Robert and Barbara Maurice

Nancy Rupert

Aileen and John Saari

Peter and Dorothy Samuels

Paul Sanderson

Kelley Sanok

Arthur and Cheryl Saxton

Gerhard and Edith Schade

Davnet Conway Schaffer

Janet McCaffrey Schloss

Tom and Catherine Schuch

Gary and Gayle Schulte

Richard and Gloria Shank

Gordon and Mary Pat Shearer

David and Janet Shlaes

Rick and Linda Skehan

Steven Slosberg

Patricia Small

Edward and Elizabeth Smith

Gerald and Shirley Snyder

Caroline Souter

Carolyn Cohen Stockwell

Barbara and Kenneth Sunshine

Linda Suriyakham

John and Robin Swenarton

Sally Taylor

Aaron and Lynn Thieme

Kevin and Nicole Torres

Stephanie Troupe

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tucchio

Margaret Tumicki

Rebecca Tumicki

John and Stephanie Turner

Timothy and Suzanne Tyler

Frank and Mary Vargas

Chris von Glahn

Mayada Wadsworth and David H. Buck

Linda Waldron

Rick Wallace and Tim Harvey

Harriet L. Watsky

Barry Weprin and Patricia Langer

Alan Werling and Renee Cusson-Werling

Daniel and Ann Wilkie

Andrew and Ellen Wormser

Edith Anne Wright

The Yaffe/Logue Family

Marilyn Sue Zaetz



In memory of Edward Adam

Audrey Adam

In memory of Anna Lou Aldrich

Immy Humes

In memory of Alan P. Bentz

Drew Bentz and Robin Bentz

In memory of Anne Bentz

Drew Bentz and Robin Bentz

In memory of Marion Bigelow

Tom and Deb Bigelow

In memory of Susan Buchman

Dan Buchman

In honor of Belinda de Kay

Bertrand Bell

Peter Filkins

Ann G. Moore

Harriet L. Watsky

In memory of Brenda DiGiovanni

Anthony and Ann Sorrentino

Brian and Lori Harrington

Sharon and Timothy Murphy

In honor of Anne and Fred Eaton

Raymond and Sally Freud

Martha T. Whitaker

In memory of David Enfield

Donald and Jane Charbonnier

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sutton

In memory of Harold Friedman

Richard and Elaine Berman

In memory of our parents

Ted and Cindy Ladwig

In memory of Betty Ann Paige

Ralph W. Paige

In memory of Norma Hummerstone

Robert Hummerstone

In memory of Maria McVitty

Cynthia Lichtenstein

In memory of Charles Miller

Cynthia Lichtenstein

In memory of Michael Leahy

Deborah Kotchen

In honor of Sam Neastern (age 11)

Patricia Miller and Jennifer Collings

In memory of Juan O’Callahan

Louise O’Callahan

In memory of Wiggy Previty


In memory of Jane E. Richmond

The Rhode Island Foundation

In memory of Gordon Souter

Caroline Souter

In memory of Mike Vargas

Janet Barbessi

Paul and Jacqueline Bergel

Annmarie and AJ Blanda

Anne C. Connerton

Mary Ann and Robert Gentile

Susan and Michael Gentile

Diana and Brian Pringer

KiKi Smith

James and Susanne Toczko

David and Catherine Vargas

In memory of Patricia Vargas

David and Catherine Vargas

In memory of Helen Spencer Warren

David and Cheryl Purvis

In memory of Bill White

Neal and Jane Lassen Bobruff

Jeffrey and Lynn Callahan

Christopher Daniels and Laurel Butler

Charles and Elizabeth Harding III

Joseph and Katherine Kirby

Claire Regan Morse

Barbara Timken

In memory of Diane MacFadyen

Dene and Eileen Dobensky

Amanda Lindberg

Claire Regan Morse

James Quinn and Chris Zhang

Joan Reiser

Betty Richards Tripp

Margaret Luchars Richards

Shau-Wen Lucia Sokol

In honor of Atlas Kent-Kaiser

Ryan and Ashley Morgan-Schoen

In memory of Bettie Kepple

Lisa and Craig MacDonnell

In honor of Peter Kepple

Lisa and Craig MacDonnell

In memory of Susan Knox

Ronald Roston and Ellen Knox Roston

In memory of Catherine Donahue Lathrop

Charles R. Lathrop

In memory of Stonington Fishermen Lost at Sea

Bill and Janice Haupt

In memory of Jane Horner Simmons Kennedy Fairbrother

Nancy Bates

Gary and Frances Bennett

Calvary Church

Judy and Bernard Giserman

James and Allison Larkin

Laurie Cameron and Rick Larkin

Amanda Lindberg

Peter and Prudence Meehan

In memory of Donald “Donnie” Wimpfheimer

Wimpfheimer Foundation

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. James Palmer Ramsey

The Estate of Elizabeth Holliday Ramsey